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In some cases it may be interesting to have a list of all people who contributed to U-Boot. This page documents the process which was used to collect such a list, and the results.

This list is known to have deficiencies, and all help to improve it is more than welcome.

Notes on the process to collect the data:

Collection of this data was done in October 2018; the initial version covers the date from the begin of the project histroy (which was calles PPCBoot at that time) until U-Boot release v2018.09

Collection of data

  1. The CVS era ends around 2006-10-24 18:30 UTS; this corresponds to tag U-Boot-1_1_6 . Commit 0b666f81da is the very first commit in git repository. This is dated Sat Jun 17 20:10:14 2000 +0000 . One could reasonably argue that June 17, 2000 is the "official" birthday of U-Boot smile
  2. Attempt to filter out the needed information of the CVS era.
    Get patch information:
$ git log 0b666f81da..U-Boot-1_1_6 | egrep -ai 'patch by |patch from ' >Authors/stage-0
Filter out garbage:
$ sed -e 's/.*[Pp]atch by //' \
      -e 's/.*[Pp]atch from //' \
      -e 's/[,:].*//' -e 's/ on / /' -e 's/ [0-9][0-9][- ][A-z][A-z]*[- ]20[0-9][0-9]$//' \
      -e 's/ 11$//' \
      -e 's/ Aug 10 2005//' \
      -e 's/ 2005-02-08//' \
      -e 's/ and /^M/' \
      -e 's/^ *//' Authors/stage-0 | \
  tr '^M' '\012' >Authors/stage-1

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