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5.1. Current Versions

Das U-Boot (or just "U-Boot" for short) is Open Source Firmware for Embedded PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, x86 and other processors. The U-Boot project is hosted by DENX, where you can also find the project home page:

The current version of the U-Boot source code can be retrieved from the DENX "git" repository.

You can browse the "git" repositories at

The trees can be accessed through the git, HTTP, and rsync protocols. For example you can use one of the following commands to create a local clone of one of the source trees:

git clone git:// u-boot/
git clone u-boot/
git clone rsync:// u-boot/

For details please see here.

Official releases of U-Boot are also available through FTP. Compressed tar archives can downloaded from the directory

5. Das U-Boot 1. Abstract 5.2. Unpacking the Source Code
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