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5.9.1. Information Commands bdinfo - print Board Info structure

=> help bdinfo
bdinfo - print Board Info structure


The bdinfo command (short: bdi) prints the information that U-Boot passes about the board such as memory addresses and sizes, clock frequencies, MAC address, etc. This information is mainly needed to be passed to the Linux kernel.

=> bdi
memstart    = 0x00000000
memsize       = 0x20000000
flashstart  = 0xFC000000
flashsize   = 0x04000000
flashoffset = 0x00000000
sramstart   = 0x00000000
sramsize    = 0x00000000
bootflags   = 0xFFFE6530
intfreq       = 1066.667 MHz
busfreq       = 266.667 MHz
ethaddr       = 00:10:ec:01:08:84
eth1addr    = 00:10:ec:81:08:84
IP addr       =
baudrate    = 115200 bps
=> coninfo - print console devices and informations

=> help conin
coninfo - print console devices and information


The coninfo command (short: conin) displays information about the available console I/O devices.

=> conin
List of available devices:
serial    80000003 SIO stdin stdout stderr
serial1    00000003 .IO
serial0    00000003 .IO
nc    80000003 SIO

The output contains the device name, flags, and the current usage. For example, the output

serial   80000003 SIO stdin stdout stderr

means that the serial device is a system device (flag 'S') which provides input (flag 'I') and output (flag 'O') functionality and is currently assigned to the 3 standard I/O streams stdin, stdout and stderr. flinfo - print FLASH memory information

=> help flinfo
flinfo - print FLASH memory information

    - print information for all FLASH memory banks
flinfo N
    - print information for FLASH memory bank # N

The command flinfo (short: fli) can be used to get information about the available flash memory (see Flash Memory Commands below).

=> fli

Bank # 1: CFI conformant FLASH (16 x 16)  Size: 64 MB in 512 Sectors
  AMD Standard command set, Manufacturer ID: 0x01, Device ID: 0x227E
  Erase timeout: 16384 ms, write timeout: 2 ms
  Buffer write timeout: 5 ms, buffer size: 32 bytes

  Sector Start Addresses:
  FC000000     FC020000     FC040000     FC060000     FC080000
  FC0A0000     FC0C0000     FC0E0000     FC100000     FC120000
  FC140000     FC160000     FC180000     FC1A0000     FC1C0000 E
  FC1E0000     FC200000     FC220000     FC240000     FC260000
  FC280000     FC2A0000     FC2C0000     FC2E0000     FC300000
  FC320000     FC340000     FC360000     FC380000     FC3A0000
  FC3C0000 E     FC3E0000 E     FC400000 E     FC420000 E     FC440000 E
  FC460000 E     FC480000 E     FC4A0000 E     FC4C0000 E     FC4E0000 E
  FC500000 E     FC520000 E     FC540000 E     FC560000 E     FC580000 E
  FC5A0000 E     FC5C0000 E     FC5E0000 E     FC600000 E     FC620000 E
  FC640000 E     FC660000 E     FC680000 E     FC6A0000 E     FC6C0000 E
  FC6E0000 E     FC700000 E     FC720000 E     FC740000 E     FC760000 E
  FC780000 E     FC7A0000 E     FC7C0000 E     FC7E0000 E     FC800000 E
  FC820000 E     FC840000 E     FC860000 E     FC880000 E     FC8A0000 E
  FC8C0000 E     FC8E0000 E     FC900000 E     FC920000 E     FC940000 E
  FC960000 E     FC980000 E     FC9A0000 E     FC9C0000 E     FC9E0000 E
  FCA00000 E     FCA20000 E     FCA40000 E     FCA60000 E     FCA80000 E
  FCAA0000 E     FCAC0000 E     FCAE0000 E     FCB00000 E     FCB20000 E
  FCB40000 E     FCB60000 E     FCB80000 E     FCBA0000 E     FCBC0000 E
  FCBE0000 E     FCC00000 E     FCC20000 E     FCC40000 E     FCC60000 E
  FCC80000 E     FCCA0000 E     FCCC0000 E     FCCE0000 E     FCD00000 E
  FCD20000 E     FCD40000 E     FCD60000 E     FCD80000 E     FCDA0000 E
  FCDC0000 E     FCDE0000 E     FCE00000 E     FCE20000 E     FCE40000 E
  FCE60000 E     FCE80000 E     FCEA0000 E     FCEC0000 E     FCEE0000 E
  FCF00000 E     FCF20000 E     FCF40000 E     FCF60000 E     FCF80000 E
  FCFA0000 E     FCFC0000 E     FCFE0000 E     FD000000 E     FD020000 E
  FD040000 E     FD060000 E     FD080000 E     FD0A0000 E     FD0C0000 E
  FD0E0000 E     FD100000 E     FD120000 E     FD140000 E     FD160000 E
  FD180000 E     FD1A0000 E     FD1C0000 E     FD1E0000 E     FD200000 E
  FD220000 E     FD240000 E     FD260000 E     FD280000 E     FD2A0000 E
  FD2C0000 E     FD2E0000 E     FD300000 E     FD320000 E     FD340000 E
  FD360000 E     FD380000 E     FD3A0000 E     FD3C0000 E     FD3E0000 E
  FD400000 E     FD420000 E     FD440000 E     FD460000 E     FD480000 E
  FD4A0000 E     FD4C0000 E     FD4E0000 E     FD500000 E     FD520000 E
  FD540000 E     FD560000 E     FD580000 E     FD5A0000 E     FD5C0000 E
  FD5E0000 E     FD600000     FD620000 E     FD640000 E     FD660000 E
  FD680000 E     FD6A0000 E     FD6C0000 E     FD6E0000 E     FD700000 E
  FD720000 E     FD740000 E     FD760000 E     FD780000 E     FD7A0000 E
  FD7C0000 E     FD7E0000 E     FD800000 E     FD820000 E     FD840000 E
  FD860000 E     FD880000 E     FD8A0000 E     FD8C0000 E     FD8E0000 E
  FD900000 E     FD920000 E     FD940000 E     FD960000 E     FD980000 E
  FD9A0000 E     FD9C0000 E     FD9E0000 E     FDA00000 E     FDA20000 E
  FDA40000 E     FDA60000 E     FDA80000 E     FDAA0000 E     FDAC0000 E
  FDAE0000 E     FDB00000 E     FDB20000 E     FDB40000 E     FDB60000 E
  FDB80000 E     FDBA0000 E     FDBC0000 E     FDBE0000 E     FDC00000 E
  FDC20000 E     FDC40000 E     FDC60000 E     FDC80000 E     FDCA0000 E
  FDCC0000 E     FDCE0000 E     FDD00000 E     FDD20000 E     FDD40000 E
  FDD60000 E     FDD80000 E     FDDA0000 E     FDDC0000 E     FDDE0000 E
  FDE00000 E     FDE20000 E     FDE40000 E     FDE60000 E     FDE80000 E
  FDEA0000 E     FDEC0000 E     FDEE0000 E     FDF00000 E     FDF20000 E
  FDF40000 E     FDF60000 E     FDF80000 E     FDFA0000 E     FDFC0000 E
  FDFE0000 E     FE000000 E     FE020000 E     FE040000 E     FE060000 E
  FE080000 E     FE0A0000 E     FE0C0000 E     FE0E0000 E     FE100000 E
  FE120000 E     FE140000 E     FE160000 E     FE180000 E     FE1A0000 E
  FE1C0000 E     FE1E0000 E     FE200000 E     FE220000 E     FE240000 E
  FE260000 E     FE280000 E     FE2A0000 E     FE2C0000 E     FE2E0000 E
  FE300000 E     FE320000 E     FE340000 E     FE360000 E     FE380000 E
  FE3A0000 E     FE3C0000 E     FE3E0000 E     FE400000 E     FE420000 E
  FE440000 E     FE460000 E     FE480000 E     FE4A0000 E     FE4C0000 E
  FE4E0000 E     FE500000 E     FE520000 E     FE540000 E     FE560000 E
  FE580000 E     FE5A0000 E     FE5C0000 E     FE5E0000 E     FE600000 E
  FE620000 E     FE640000 E     FE660000 E     FE680000 E     FE6A0000 E
  FE6C0000 E     FE6E0000 E     FE700000 E     FE720000 E     FE740000 E
  FE760000 E     FE780000 E     FE7A0000 E     FE7C0000 E     FE7E0000 E
  FE800000 E     FE820000 E     FE840000 E     FE860000 E     FE880000 E
  FE8A0000 E     FE8C0000 E     FE8E0000 E     FE900000 E     FE920000 E
  FE940000 E     FE960000 E     FE980000 E     FE9A0000 E     FE9C0000 E
  FE9E0000 E     FEA00000 E     FEA20000 E     FEA40000 E     FEA60000 E
  FEA80000 E     FEAA0000 E     FEAC0000 E     FEAE0000 E     FEB00000 E
  FEB20000 E     FEB40000 E     FEB60000 E     FEB80000 E     FEBA0000 E
  FEBC0000 E     FEBE0000 E     FEC00000 E     FEC20000 E     FEC40000 E
  FEC60000 E     FEC80000 E     FECA0000 E     FECC0000 E     FECE0000 E
  FED00000 E     FED20000 E     FED40000 E     FED60000 E     FED80000 E
  FEDA0000 E     FEDC0000 E     FEDE0000 E     FEE00000 E     FEE20000 E
  FEE40000 E     FEE60000 E     FEE80000 E     FEEA0000 E     FEEC0000 E
  FEEE0000 E     FEF00000 E     FEF20000 E     FEF40000 E     FEF60000 E
  FEF80000 E     FEFA0000 E     FEFC0000 E     FEFE0000 E     FF000000 E
  FF020000 E     FF040000 E     FF060000 E     FF080000 E     FF0A0000 E
  FF0C0000 E     FF0E0000 E     FF100000 E     FF120000 E     FF140000 E
  FF160000 E     FF180000 E     FF1A0000 E     FF1C0000 E     FF1E0000 E
  FF200000 E     FF220000 E     FF240000 E     FF260000 E     FF280000 E
  FF2A0000 E     FF2C0000 E     FF2E0000 E     FF300000 E     FF320000 E
  FF340000 E     FF360000 E     FF380000 E     FF3A0000 E     FF3C0000 E
  FF3E0000 E     FF400000 E     FF420000 E     FF440000 E     FF460000 E
  FF480000 E     FF4A0000 E     FF4C0000 E     FF4E0000 E     FF500000 E
  FF520000 E     FF540000 E     FF560000 E     FF580000 E     FF5A0000 E
  FF5C0000 E     FF5E0000 E     FF600000 E     FF620000 E     FF640000 E
  FF660000 E     FF680000 E     FF6A0000 E     FF6C0000 E     FF6E0000 E
  FF700000 E     FF720000 E     FF740000 E     FF760000 E     FF780000 E
  FF7A0000 E     FF7C0000 E     FF7E0000 E     FF800000 E     FF820000 E
  FF840000 E     FF860000 E     FF880000 E     FF8A0000 E     FF8C0000 E
  FF8E0000 E     FF900000 E     FF920000 E     FF940000 E     FF960000 E
  FF980000 E     FF9A0000 E     FF9C0000 E     FF9E0000 E     FFA00000 E
  FFA20000 E     FFA40000 E     FFA60000 E     FFA80000 E     FFAA0000 E
  FFAC0000 E     FFAE0000 E     FFB00000 E     FFB20000 E     FFB40000 E
  FFB60000 E     FFB80000 E     FFBA0000 E     FFBC0000 E     FFBE0000 E
  FFC00000 E     FFC20000 E     FFC40000 E     FFC60000 E     FFC80000 E
  FFCA0000 E     FFCC0000 E     FFCE0000 E     FFD00000 E     FFD20000 E
  FFD40000 E     FFD60000 E     FFD80000 E     FFDA0000 E     FFDC0000 E
  FFDE0000 E     FFE00000 E     FFE20000 E     FFE40000 E     FFE60000 E
  FFE80000 E     FFEA0000 E     FFEC0000 E     FFEE0000 E     FFF00000 E
  FFF20000 E     FFF40000 E     FFF60000   RO     FFF80000   RO     FFFA0000   RO
  FFFC0000   RO     FFFE0000   RO
=> iminfo - print header information for application image

=> help iminfo
iminfo - print header information for application image

iminfo addr [addr ...]
    - print header information for application image starting at
      address 'addr' in memory; this includes verification of the
      image contents (magic number, header and payload checksums)

iminfo (short: imi) is used to print the header information for images like Linux kernels or ramdisks. It prints (among other information) the image name, type and size and verifies that the CRC32 checksums stored within the image are OK.

=> tftp ${ram_ws} ${bootfile}
Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete.... done
ENET Speed is 1000 Mbps - FULL duplex connection (EMAC0)
Using ppc_4xx_eth0 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename '/tftpboot/duts/canyonlands/uImage'.
Load address: 0x100000
Loading: T #################################################################
Bytes transferred = 1958609 (1de2d1 hex)
=> imi ${ram_ws}

## Checking Image at 00100000 ...
   Legacy image found
   Image Name:    Linux-
   Created:    2010-02-04  17:54:22 UTC
   Image Type:    PowerPC Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
   Data Size:    1958545 Bytes =  1.9 MB
   Load Address: 00000000
   Entry Point:    00000000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK

HELP Like with many other commands, the exact operation of this command can be controlled by the settings of some U-Boot environment variables (here: the verify variable). See below for details. help - print online help

=> help help
help - print online help

help [command ...]
    - show help information (for 'command')
'help' prints online help for the monitor commands.

Without arguments, it prints a short usage message for all commands.

To get detailed help information for specific commands you can type
'help' with one or more command names as arguments.

The help command (short: h or ?) prints online help. Without any arguments, it prints a list of all U-Boot commands that are available in your configuration of U-Boot. You can get detailed information for a specific command by typing its name as argument to the help command:

=> help protect
protect - enable or disable FLASH write protection

protect on  start end
    - protect FLASH from addr 'start' to addr 'end'
protect on start +len
    - protect FLASH from addr 'start' to end of sect w/addr 'start'+'len'-1
protect on  N:SF[-SL]
    - protect sectors SF-SL in FLASH bank # N
protect on  bank N
    - protect FLASH bank # N
protect on  all
    - protect all FLASH banks
protect off start end
    - make FLASH from addr 'start' to addr 'end' writable
protect off start +len
    - make FLASH from addr 'start' to end of sect w/addr 'start'+'len'-1 wrtable
protect off N:SF[-SL]
    - make sectors SF-SL writable in FLASH bank # N
protect off bank N
    - make FLASH bank # N writable
protect off all
    - make all FLASH banks writable
5.9. U-Boot Command Line Interface 1. Abstract 5.9.2. Memory Commands
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