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14.3.4. Linux kernel register usage

For the Power Architecture architecture, the Linux kernel uses the following registers:

stack pointer
pointer to task_struct for the current task
parameter passing and return values
parameter passing
small data area pointer
GOT pointer
frame pointer

A function can use r0 and r3 - r12 without saving and restoring them. r13 - r31 have to be preserved so they must be saved and restored when you want to use them. Also, cr2 - cr4 must be preserved, while cr0, cr1, cr5 - cr7, lr, ctr and xer can be used without saving & restoring them. [ Posted Tue, 15 Jul 2003 by Paul Mackerras to ].

See also the (E)ABI specifications for the Power Architecture architecture, Developing PowerPC Embedded Application Binary Interface (EABI) Compliant Programs

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