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Hardware Tools

Many cute embedded nonsense hacks involve connecting newly developed (und thus untested) modules through untested cabling to a controller in the main system being driven only by a rudimentary kernel driver still in development.

In such situations, it is very difficult to establish a good starting point for bug hunting without being able to actually look at the physical hardware signals. Of course we want to do this within the realm of our well known Free Software tools, but more important is the practical use of the complete setup.

This page is meant to collect knowledge about such working setups that hopefully allow other people to save lots of time and research. Also note that the information is completely independant from the hardware vendors unless noted explicitely.

Tool independant software


The sigrok project aims at creating a portable, cross-platform, Free/Libre/Open-Source signal analysis software suite that supports various device types (e.g. logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and many more).

From the list below,

Logic Analyzers

ASIX Sigma / ASIX Sigma 2

The vendor page can be found at ASIX Sigma . ASIX Sigma and ASIX Sigma 2 are supported by the Sigrok software, thus can be used in Linux to debug various busses. There are multiple pros speaking for Sigma:

All in all, ASIX Sigma 2 is a good pick if you need a logic analyzer. While the software support in Sigrok still needs some polishing, it's getting there and I believe we should support companies which try to help Open Source solutions even if it's only by giving out the documentation on a per-request basis.

ASIX Omega

The successor of Sigma 2 , the Omega is not supported by Sigrok yet.

Beagle SPI/I2C


Open Logic Sniffer


Bus analyzers / Bus specific tools

Beagle USB Analyzer

Peak USB



THS 200


Web page

Note to future editors

Let's start with a single page for now so that we can see the similarities of the entries more easily. When the structure solidifies, we should then start to split out the individual tools.