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Using the TAM3517 "Twister" Board with ELDK 5.0

Installation is a somewhat complicated procedure, as we will basically update all software components on the system, including the U-Boot boot loader and it's environment settings.

Note: This description assumes you are using the configuration of the =Twister+ board with a 17.8 cm (7") LCD panel. Other LCD panel will need both other DIP switch settings (SW3.1 ... SW3.3) and other software settings.

Download the SDCard Image

The demo image is currently available in the "beta-eldk/twister" directory of the DENX FTP server. Please contact DENX for access data.
$ ncftpget -u eldk-beta
Password: ***********
Twister-Demo-SDCard.img.gz:                            638.74 MB    1.58 MB/s 

Install Root File System on SD-Card

Prepare "Twister" Board

Update the U-Boot boot loader

Adjust the U-Boot environment settings

Select the target environment

The SDCard contains support for three different target environments:
  1. Ångström distribution for embedded devices like handhelds, set top boxes and network-attached storage devices
  2. Android smartphone operating system
  3. ELDK 5.0 Sato mobile target environment based on the GNOME Mobile and Embedded stack.

Using the ELDK Environment

Enjoy exploring the new ELDK demo on the "Twister" board.