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14.2.12. Erasing Flash Fails

I tried to erase the flash memory like
erase 40050000 40050100
It fails. What am I doing wrong?

Remember that flash memory cannot be erased in arbitrary areas, but only in so called "erase regions" or "sectors". If you have U-Boot running you can use the flinfo (Flash information, short fli) command to print information about the flash memory on your board, for instance:
=> fli
Bank # 1: AMD AM29LV160B (16 Mbit, bottom boot sect)
  Size: 4 MB in 35 Sectors
  Sector Start Addresses:
    40000000 (RO) 40008000 (RO) 4000C000 (RO) 40010000 (RO) 40020000 (RO)
    40040000      40060000      40080000      400A0000      400C0000
    400E0000      40100000      40120000      40140000      40160000
    40180000      401A0000      401C0000      401E0000      40200000
    40220000      40240000      40260000      40280000      402A0000
    402C0000      402E0000      40300000      40320000      40340000
    40360000      40380000      403A0000      403C0000      403E0000
In the example above, the area 40050000 ... 40050100 lies right in the middle of a erase unit (40040000 ... 4005FFFF), so you cannot erase it without erasing the whole sector, i. e. you have to type
=> erase 40040000 4005FFFF
Also note that there are some sectors marked as read-only ((RO)); you cannot erase or overwrite these sectors without un-protecting the sectors first (see the U-Boot protect command).

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