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14.1.1. ELDK Installation under FreeBSD

How can I install ELDK on a FreeBSD system?

The following installation procedure was tested on a FreeBSD version 5.2.1-p9 system:

  1. install and run linux_base-7.1_5 (note version 6.1_5 that can still be found in the ports tree is not working properly!), install bash
  2. copy ELDK CD contents to a writable location (we have to modify one file - see next step) and make it current directory
  3. brand the 'install' binary so it's properly recognised:
    # brandelf -t Linux ./install
  4. install ELDK as normally done on Linux/Solaris:
    # ./install -d /opt/eldk
  5. set env variables according to install guide (CROSS_COMPILE, PATH etc.)
  6. now on you can compile u-boot (using gmake instead of make --- you can have an alias or so for this)
  7. for kernel building: apply minor changes to the main kernel Makefile (among others, the Linux version of 'expr' from /compat/linux/usr/bin needs to be called and not the native one)
  8. now Linux kernel can be compiled with a standard procedure (same note for using gmake instead of make)
14.1. ELDK 1. Abstract 14.1.2. ELDK Installation Hangs
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