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14.1.7. ELDK Include Files Missing

After configuring and compiling a Linux kernel in the kernel source tree that comes with the ELDK, I cannot compile user space programs any more - I get error messages because many #include file like <errno.h> etc. are missing.
This is with ELDK 4.0 or 4.1.
This problem is caused by the way how the ELDK is packaged. At the moment, the ELDK kernel headers are not packed into a separate "kernel-headers" RPM to avoid duplication, because the kernel source tree is always installed. Instead, the ELDK "kernel-headers" package is just a set of symlinks. This worked fine in the past, but fails with the new support for ARCH=powerpc systems.
The next version of the ELDK will contain a real kernel-headers RPM, which will fix this problem.
As a workaround on current systems, you can install the real kernel include files into the "include/asm", "include/linux" and "include/mtd" directories.
To do this, the following commands can be used:
bash$ <eldkroot>/bin/rpm -e kernel-headers-ppc_<target>
bash$ cd <eldkroot>/ppc_<target>
bash$ rm usr/include/asm
bash$ tar -xvzf kernel-headers-powerpc.tar.gz
The tarball mentioned above can be downloaded here. It contains the include files that get installed by running the "make ARCH=powerpc headers_install" command in the Linux kernel tree.

This problem is fixed in ELDK 4.2 and later releases.
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