This topic should provide answers to the general structure of the DULG web. Feel free to pose questions here or add complete Q/A sets of your own which can be of use to anyone actively editing the contents of the DULG web.

I can only view the default docs. Selecting a new view in the BoardSelect topic does not work for me.

You have to enable cookies from this site in your web-browser or you have to select a view the hard way described in the Web layout document.

-- DetlevZundel - 06 Aug 2003

This may not be the correct place for this comment. If it is not, could somebody add something to the FAQ that says where to put (or send) such comments?

The variable WIKIHOMEURL has the wrong value. It is currently, but it should be

One place this shows up is in the DULG introduction, where available formats of the document are listed: 2.3. Availability. The links don't work.

Links (to the "generic" tqm8xxl version) that do work:

-- MarcSammartano - 28 Oct 2005

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