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gpioirqbench: measuring external interrupt latencies


This document was written by Wolfgang Grandegger (wg {at} denx {dot} de).


I'm proud to announce "gpioirqbench", a benchmark tool to measure external interrupt latencies. It is derived from Jan's irqbench for the PC. Instead of using the serial or parallel port, it uses GPIO pins on embedded systems. It measures the time between the generation of an interrupt triggered by a GPIO pin and the reply by either the interrupt service routine, a kernel-space task or a user-space task. As reply, another GPIO pin will be toggled. The setup consists of two systems, the log host and the test target. The log host triggers the interrupt on the test target and measures the latency. This benchmark is primarily for Xenomai/RTDM, but it can also be used for plain Linux or even Linux-rt (with the real-time preemption patch).

I have done a series of latency measurements with the embedded PowerPC evaluation board Icecube-Freescale-MPC5200 and Sequoia-AMCC-440EPx. The results are listed below:

Freescale MPC5200 (IceCube)

CPU: MPC5200 v1.0, Core v1.1 at 396 MHz
Bus 132 MHz, IPB 66 MHz, PCI 33 MHz
OS: DENX Linux "arch/powerpc" and Xenomai 2.4.2.
with ELDK 4.2 and root filesystem via NFS

  Min Max
Xenomai user space task (-t0) 13us 119us
Xenomai kernel space task (-t1) 7us 82us
Xenomai interrupt handler (-t2) 2us 47us
Plain Linux user space task 31us 5749us
Linux-rt user space task 61us 251us
cyclictest -t1 -p80 -n -i1000 11us 89us
latency -p1000 8us 92us

Sequoia - AMCC PPC440EPx Evaluation Board, Rev. F, PCI=33 MHz

CPU: AMCC PowerPC 440EPx Rev. A at 528 MHz
(PLB=132, OPB=66, EBC=66 MHz)
OS: DENX Linux "arch/ppc" and Xenomai 2.4.2
with Ubuntu 7.04 on a USB-Disk and
with a ATI Radeon 9200 card

  Min Max
Xenomai user space task (-t0) 5us 74us
Xenomai kernel space task (-t1) 4us 49us
Xenomai interrupt handler (-t2) 2us 29us
Plain Linux user space task 4us 1291us

Freescale i.MX31 (DAVE/DENX Qong EVB LITE)

CPU: Freescale i.MX31 at 398 MHz on DAVE DENX Qong EVB LITE
OS: DENX Linux 2.6.28 and Xenomai 2.5.x
with ELDK 4.2 and root filesystem via NFS

  Min Max
Xenomai user space task (-t0) 25us 97us
Xenomai kernel space task (-t1) 12us 62us
Xenomai interrupt handler (-t2) 3us 37us

As non-rt load I used

while ls; do ls /bin; done
in one and
while ./hackbench 10; do ./calibrator 400 32M cali; sleep 30; done
in a second telnet session. The tests ran for 1.5 hours, each.

We have shown the Sequoia board in action at the Embedded World fair in Nuremberg in February 2008 as an Xenomai demo with an Oscilloscope connected to visualize the interrupt latencies measured with "gpioirqbench".

I have attached the "gpioirqbench" distribution. It can be adapted to other embedded system with little effort. For further information, check the README inside.

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