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Set Environment to Default Values


There are many situations where it is desirable to reset the environment variables to default values (like the built-in defautl settings).

After some discussion we agreed that a command name like "clearenv" or "scrubenv" or similar (which doesn't require any arguments) might be too dangerous for the inexperienced user who randomly types commands "just to see what happens". For example, even if you type "erase" it will not do any damage because arguments are missing - but "erase all" will blow away most of your flash content without asking.

Suggested Implementation:

The idea is to call the new command "environment" (or short "env"); usage would be then:
=> env clear
to clear the environment (except read-only variables); thsi also allows for pretty useful additional functionality like this:
=> env default
to reset the environment to the (compiled in) default settings.

A more fancy implementation would allow for
=> env default [name ...]
to reset a list of specific variables to their default values.

TIP Note: This feature would be especially interesting in combination with the "Group Environment Variables" feature.

One might even consider something like
=> env clear all
to blow away the whole env, including the read-only variables. [Disadvantage: this requires that "all" is a reserve variable name.]

-- Main.WolfgangDenk - 12 Oct 2008
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