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ELCE2015 U-Boot Summit

Evening Event

We meet on Monday, October 5, at 7 p.m. at
O'Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse
36-37 Pearse St.
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 6714074

Date and Location

The U-Boot summit will be part of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (October 5 - 7), so a registration for that event is required to join. See the main ELCE pages for more info.


Open Discussion

Topics of interest can be added here in the wiki directly
  • Improve u-boot release cycle to avoid regressions


Automated Test System - build blocks (Lukasz Majewski)

Assuring software quality and avoiding regressions is not a trivial task. Instead of relying solely on build tests, one can setup automated test system running tests on the final hardware. This presentation is going to shed some light on the daunting task of creating low-cost, automated test system build with of-the-shelf components. Lukasz in his talk will provide rationale for key design decisions and share his \x93war-stories\x94. This presentation is covering key aspects of the system design; including low-level power control, dedicated Linux server setup, tests scheduling and results visualization. The test system has already been deployed and struggles to detect bugs before code is submitted to and u-boot-dfu repositories.


hwt_building_blocks_elce-u-boot-g29e5dd2.pdf: Automated test system - building blocks - slides

Duration: 30 min.

Early initialisation (Simon Glass)

The early start-up code of U-Boot has had quite a few improvements in recent times. We have had 'generic board', the SPL framework, Albert's crt0.S effort on ARM and work to bring in early malloc() and the like. I would like to present a few slides about where I think things stand, and what the goals might be (e.g. unifying SPL and U-Boot proper somehow), and then have a discussion on the way forward / next steps.

Duration: 30 min.


U-Boot_startup_sequence.pdf: U-Boot start-up sequence

How to use buildman (Simon Glass)

If there is enough interest I could present a tutorial on how to use buildman for general building of U-Boot as well as more advanced use like build-testing each commit in a series, checking for code/data bloat, configuration changes.

Duration: 30 min.

Interested participants (sorted alphabetically)

Please add yourself to this list if you intend to come so we get an idea of the audience:

  • Sinan Akman
  • Pantelis Antoniou
  • Stefano Babic
  • Alexey Brodkin
  • Marco Cavallini
  • Emmanuil Chatzipetru
  • Wolfgang Denk
  • Simon Glass
  • Hans de Goede
  • Igor Grinberg
  • Anatolij Gustschin
  • Claudius Heine
  • Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
  • Max Krummenacher
  • Pavel Machek
  • Łukasz Majewski
  • Przemyslaw Marczak
  • Andy Pont
  • Tom Rini
  • Stefan Roese
  • Otavio Salvador
  • Heiko Schocher
  • Daniel Schwierzeck
  • Andrea Scian
  • Michal Simek
  • Heiko Stuebner
  • Michael Nazzareno Trimarchi
  • Marek Vasut
  • Luc Verhaegen
  • Masahiro Yamada
  • Marcel Ziswiler
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