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The U-Boot Patch Tracking System

TIP Note: This could also be used as a Bug Tracking System, but there are no bugs in U-Boot, just Features™, right?
The U-Boot Patch Tracking System is based on GNATS, the GNU Bug Tracking System:

GNU GNATS is a set of tools for tracking bugs reported by users to a central site. It allows problem report management and communication with users via various means. GNATS stores all the information about problem reports in its databases and provides tools for querying, editing, and maintenance of the databases.

Thanks to its architecture, GNATS is not bound to a single user interface - it can be used via command line, e-mail, Emacs, or a network daemon, usually used with a Web interface. Together with the fact that all GNATS databases and configuration can be stored in plain text files, it allows easy use and provides good flexibility.

The main reasons for choosing GNATS (and not, for example, Bugzilla) were that it
  1. allows for a seamless integration with the e-mail (mailing list) based communication between developers which has evolved over years
  2. is easy to configure, to use, and to extend

The following documentation is intended to summarize the information necessary to use the U-Boot Patch Tracking System
  • as a normal (unprivileged) user,
    for example, to report bugs or submit patches, and to check what happened to your submissions
  • as an U-Boot Custodian,
    for example, to follow up to a patch submission or to close an entry.

Those interested in further details of GNATS are referred to the official documentation:
"Keeping Track - The GNU Problem Report Management System"

Users will access GNATS using the following interfaces:
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