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DENX's Training web The Training web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2022 by DENX Software Engineering DENX Webmaster [] DENX Webmaster [] DENX TWiki.Training WebStatistics Statistics for Training Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: May 2022 1042 0 ... (last changed by guest) 2022-05-04T05:58Z guest 1.2399 updated major WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e-mail when topics change in this Training web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2015-10-30T10:51Z DetlevZundel 1.5 updated major ContributionRequirements Requirements for code contributions Formal requirements 1 , 6 , 3 , 7 Patch format tools (git, stgit, etc.) Logical separation Find maintainer Signed-off, Acked ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2011-07-22T08:12Z WolfgangDenk 1.4 updated major ContributingCode How to successfully contribute code to Free Software Projects These few pages are the base for a short three-part tutorial on how to contribute code to Free Software ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2011-07-22T08:11Z WolfgangDenk 1.6 updated major GitFlyThrough Git flythrough Version used in this document (at least) dzu@pollux u-boot $ git version git version Technical introduction Underlying concepts git is a very ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2009-10-30T14:37Z DetlevZundel 1.6 updated major DENXPeople SECTION0{name DENXPeople} DENX People DENX Software Engineering: Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Denk (Managing Director) Dipl.-Math. techn. Detlev Zundel (Managing Director ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2009-04-01T07:09Z WolfgangDenk 1.7 updated major BuildingUBootAndLinux SECTION0{name BuildingUBootAndLinux} Building U-Boot and the Linux kernel for the first time Code Download Introduction to build process config and make U-Boot config ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2008-11-20T13:29Z DetlevZundel 1.3 updated major CustomizingUBoot SECTION0{name CustomizingUBoot} Customizing U-Boot Customizing U-Boot Standard build procedure, configuration options Image files: u-boot, u-boot.bin, u-boot.srec ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2008-11-20T13:29Z DetlevZundel 1.2 updated major HistoryOfLinux SECTION0{name HistoryOfLinux} History of Linux (Part One) Unix is a Third System Unix started as "pet" project by Ken Thompson at Bell Labs BR BR First OS in a high ... (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2007-10-18T14:57Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.4 updated major HistoryOfLinux2 SECTION0{name HistoryOfLinux} History of Linux (Part Two) As source was available, Unix evolved fast and diversified. BR AT T Unix, BSD (Berkeley Unix), Ultrix ... (last changed by MarkusKlotzbuecher) 2007-10-18T14:26Z MarkusKlotzbuecher 1.4 updated major WebHome Training Courses offered by DENX Software Engineering: All courses are held at the DENX office in Gröbenzell (near Munich) in Germany. Normally the courses are in ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2007-10-17T07:28Z WolfgangDenk 1.16 updated major UsingLindentWithEmacs Using external code beautifiers with Emacs The following Lisp code is a convenient wrapper to the Lindent script provided with the Linux kernel. For it to work correctly ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2007-09-18T17:44Z DetlevZundel 1.3 updated major CodingStyleIssues Three examples of CodingStyle problems Below are three "live" examples from recent discussions. Example 1 may03 denx/arch/ppc/syslib/ppc440spe pcie.c 2007-05-03 08 ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2007-09-18T14:52Z DetlevZundel 1.1 updated major HistoryOfLinux3 SECTION0{name HistoryOfLinux} History of Linux (Part Three) In September 1983 Richard Stallman started the GNU project to build complete free operating system. As ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2007-07-02T16:40Z DetlevZundel 1.2 updated major GenericOverview SECTION0{name Overview} Embedded Linux Training course DENX Software Engineering GmbH BR Kirchenstra e 5 BR 82194 Gröbenzell BR Agenda: CONTENTS (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2007-05-07T06:25Z DetlevZundel 1.3 updated major DENXCompanyProfile SECTION0{name DENXCompanyProfile} Company Profile DENX two companies: DENX Software Engineering GmbH provide software engineering services in the area of Embedded ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2007-05-07T06:25Z DetlevZundel 1.3 updated major