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The First Ten Years

Thu May 28 2009

On 1 July 2009, DENX Software Engineering celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Founded a decade ago, DENX were one of the very first companies in Europe who focussed on using Free Software for Embedded and Real-Time Systems.

At that time, putting Linux into a real system like a DVR or a mobile crane was a real adventure - sometimes it took more convincing on both engineering and management levels than actual software development efforts. Today Embedded Linux has become a matter of course. DENX are proud to have been part of that development right from the beginning - going where there was no path and helping to leave a trail.

Looking back at 10 interesting and successful years, we see a sound base for continued growth and continued success, for interesting new projects - with even bigger challenges waiting for us in the decades to come.

Thanks a lot to everybody who escorted DENX on that way - customers, partners, engineers and everybody who helped that DENX became what we are today. And of course thanks a lot to the Free Software community that made all this possible in the first place.