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5.4.2. Installation Using a BDM/JTAG Debugger

A fast and simple way to write new data to flash memory is via the use of a debugger or flash programmer with a BDM or JTAG interface. In cases where there is no running firmware at all (for instance on new hardware), this is usually the only way to install any software at all.

We use (and highly recommend) the BDI2000/BDI3000 by Abatron .

Other BDM / JTAG debuggers may work too, but how to use them is beyond the scope of this document. Please see the documentation for the tool you want to use.

Before you can use the BDI2000 you have to configure it. A configuration file that can be used with canyonlands boards is included in section 13.3. BDI2000 Configuration file

To install a new U-Boot image on your canyonlands board using a BDI2000, proceed as follows:

Note: Included topic DULGData_canyonlands.InstallUBootUsingBDI2000? does not exist yet

5.4.1. Before You Begin 1. Abstract 5.4.3. Installation using U-Boot
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