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14.3.15. How to switch off the screen saver and the blinking cursor?

I'm using a splash screen on my frame buffer display, but it is disturbed by a blinking cursor, and after a while the screen is blanked. How can I prevent this?
Screen saver and blinking cursor can be turned off (and on) using escape sequences.

To turn off the screen saver, send the sequence "\E[9;0]" to the terminal ="/dev/tty1". For example, output the content of file "/etc/blank_off" in one of your init scripts:
# cat /etc/blank_off
To turn off the blinking cursor, send the sequence "\E[?25l\E[?1c" to the terminal. For example, copy the content of file "/etc/init_tty" to the terminal:
# cat /etc/init_tty

For details, please see "man 4 console_codes" .

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