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14.2.11. How Can I Reduce The Image Size?

I am trying to reduce the size of the u-boot.bin file so that it fits into 256 KB. I disabled all the drivers that I didn't need but the binary size is still 512KB, it seems to be a hard number coded in somewhere. Where can the image size be altered from?

Some processors have a fixed reset vector address at 0xFFFFFFFC, so the U-Boot image has to include that address, i. e. it covers the full range from the start address to the end of the 32 bit address space. In such a case, the start address must be changed - check the setting of TEXT_BASE in your board/<name>/ file.
14.2.10. U-Boot Doesn't Run after Upgrading my Compiler 1. Abstract 14.2.12. Erasing Flash Fails
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