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10. Debugging

The purpose of this document is not to provide an introduction into programming and debugging in general. We assume that you know how to use the GNU debugger gdb and probably it's graphical frontends like ddd. We also assume that you have access to adequate tools for your work, i. e. a BDI2000 BDM/JTAG debugger. The following discussion assumes that the host name of your BDI2000 is bdi.

Please note that there are several limitations in earlier versions of GDB. The version of GDB as distributed with the ELDK contains several bug fixes and extensions. If you find that your GDB behaves differently, have a look at the GDB sources and patches that come with the ELDK source.

9.8. The Persistent RAM File system (PRAMFS) 1. Abstract 10.1. Debugging of U-Boot
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