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Installing Ubuntu 6.10 on AMCC PPC 440EPx "Sequoia" Board


This application note describes how to install the Ubuntu 6.10 GNU/Linux distribution on the AMCC PPC 440EPx "Sequoia" Board. Note: this guide will also work on other Power Architecture® systems which are based on a 32 bit CPU with a full Floating Point Unit (FPU), like the AMCC PPC 440EP ("Yosemite" board), Freescale MPC5200 ("Lite5200B" etc.), Freescale MPC82xx, etc. Note that a 2.6 kernel is required.


This application note was written by Wolfgang Denk (wd {at} denx {dot} de).

Supported Target Environments

The installation of Ubuntu requires a storage device. Depending on available hardware and/or project requirements you may want to use ATA, S-ATA or SCSI harddisk drives; alternatively, a pure network server based installation may be wanted.

Installation Requirements

In addition to the AMCC PPC 440EPx "Sequoia" evaluation board you need the following hardware and software components:

Full bootstrap from original installation media

Bootstrap from snapshot tarball

In the installation steps above, we saved certain states of the installed root file system as tarballs. We can now use these snapshots as base for a new installation, for example when you don't have a way to attach a CDROM drive to your system.

Set up diskless system

Using the snapshow tarballs it is also easy to set up a diskless system which mounts the Ubuntu root file system over NFS:

-- WolfgangDenk - 07 Jan 2007