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git access for DENX Source Code

DENX provide access to our development source code using "git", the new distributed software configuration management tool developed for the Linux kernel. We provide full access to the complete source tree for the U-Boot boot loader and the Linux kernel for PowerPC, MIPS and ARM processors including all additional information like history, change logs and older versions. This allows you much better and more direct access to a lot of information which is especially important for software engineers.

You can browse the "git" repositories at

The trees can be accessed through the git, HTTP and rsync protocols. We recommend to use git protocol. For example you can use one of the following commands to create a local clone of one of the source trees:

git clone git://<project_name>  <your_repository_name>/

For details please see here.

Available "git" repositories:

Linux & U-Boot

linux-denx.git DENX Linux Kernel Tree
linux-mips.git Linux 2.4.x Kernel Sources for MIPS
linuxarm.git Linux 2.4.x Kernel Sources for ARM
linuxppc_2_4_devel.git Linux 2.4.x Kernel Sources for PowerPC
u-boot.git U-Boot Boot Loader Sources

Xenomai: Real-Time framework for Linux

ipipe.git Xenomai git repository

Other projects

ethcamd.git Ethernet camera server
mini_fo.git Overlay Filesystem for Embedded Systems
mini_fo-testsuite.git Testsuite for mini_fo
eldk/build.git Embedded Linux Development Kit - Build Environment
eldk/tarballs.git Embedded Linux Development Kit - Tarballs
duts.git DENX Univeral Test Suite project