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Documentation provided by DENX Software Engineering

Software Documentation

Embedded Linux Development Kit

The Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) includes the GNU cross development tools, such as the compilers, binutils, gdb, etc., and a number of pre-built target tools and libraries necessary to provide some functionality on the target system.

The ELDK is provided for free with full source code; it is available for PowerPC, ARM and MIPS targets, and for PC/Linux and SPARC/Solaris host environments.

DENX Guide to U-Boot and Embedded Linux

The DULG Documentation describes how to use the U-Boot firmware and the Linux operating system in Embedded PowerPC Systems.

Specific versions of this document are available for the several boards; please select the board you are interested in here.

Software Development using git, cogito etc.

The Linux community has developed git, a "directory content manager", and several interface layers for it which are now used as software configuration management (SCM) tools for the development of the Linux kernel. See for details. These tools are also used for the U-Boot boot loader. Here you can find a collection of information about these tools and their use.

BDI2000 Configuration Files

Configuration files for the BDI2000 high-speed BDM/JTAG interface for GNU debugger for a wide range of boards can be downloaded from our FTP server.

Articles & Presentations

Papers and slides of presentations are available here.