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DENX's AboutUs web The AboutUs web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2021 by DENX Software Engineering Wolfgang Denk [] Wolfgang Denk [] DENX TWiki.AboutUs DenxSEImpressum Impressum: Corporate Information $ Name: DENX Software Engineering !GmbH $ Managing Director: Wolfgang Denk $ Office: Kirchenstr. 5 BR 82194 Groebenzell BR Germany ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2021-02-26T12:36Z wd 1.8 updated major AboutDenxSE About DENX Software Engineering We Embed DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services for embedded and real-time systems. Based on a high level ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2019-07-13T13:08Z wd 1.4 updated major DatenSchutzErklaerung Datenschutzerklärung Allgemeines Personenbezogene Daten sind alle Informationen, die sich auf eine identifizierte oder identifizierbare natürliche Person beziehen ... (last changed by ErikaUnter) 2018-06-13T15:10Z ErikaUnter 1.3 updated major WebPreferences AboutUs Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the AboutUs web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWIKIWEB . WIKIPREFSTOPIC ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2018-06-01T09:09Z wd 1.16 updated major DenxSEReferences References Alcatel, Strasbourg, France Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC), Sunnyvale, California, USA ASCOM Systec AG, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland Berghof Automationstechnik ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2017-04-24T11:55Z wd 1.6 updated major WebHome DENX Software Engineering GmbH (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2014-09-01T08:50Z wd 1.6 updated major DenxSEMap Directions to DENX Software Engineering Address:: Kirchenstr. 5 BR 82194 Groebenzell BR Germany Phone:: 49 (0) 8142 6 69 89 0 Fax:: 49 (0) 8142 6 69 89 80 Email: ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2010-02-22T12:14Z wd 1.2 updated major WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e-mail when topics change in this AboutUs web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to come ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2008-08-13T07:16Z wd 1.5 updated major DenxSETermsConditions Standard Terms of Business for DENX Software Engineering: § 1 General Principles All performances are exclusively based on the Standard Terms of Business as shown ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2006-05-30T20:24Z wd 1.2 updated major WebTopicList TOPICLIST{" $name "} (last changed by FrankLichtenheld) 2005-08-09T15:28Z FrankLichtenheld 1.2 updated major AboutDenxPRContact Contact: DENX Software Engineering Kirchenstra e 5 BR 82194 Groebenzell Tel.: 49 (0) 81 42 6 69 89 0 BR Fax.: 49 (0) 81 42 6 69 89 80 E-Mail: BR Web ... (last changed by FrankLichtenheld) 2005-08-04T12:20Z FrankLichtenheld 1.1 updated major AboutDenxPR About DENX Software Engineering DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services for Embedded and Real-Time Systems. Specializing on Free Software ... (last changed by FrankLichtenheld) 2005-08-04T11:48Z FrankLichtenheld 1.1 updated major WebLeftBar INCLUDINGWEB Web INCLUDINGWEB Web Home Changes Index Search Webs WEBLIST{" $name" separator ""} INCLUDE{" MAINWEB . WIKINAME LeftBar" warn "Create personal sidebar ... (last changed by ArthurClemens) 2004-08-16T05:52Z ArthurClemens 1.1 updated major WebRss TWiki's AboutUs web SCRIPTURL /view SCRIPTSUFFIX /AboutUs The AboutUs web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. INCLUDE{ ... (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2004-08-16T03:27Z PeterThoeny 1.2 updated major WebSearchAdvanced INCLUDE{" TWIKIWEB .WebSearchAdvanced"} (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2004-01-18T10:52Z PeterThoeny 1.1 updated major WebIndex SEARCH{"\. " scope "topic" regex "on" nosearch "on"} See also the faster WebTopicList (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2001-11-24T11:41Z PeterThoeny 1.2 updated major