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About DENX Software Engineering

We Embed

DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services for embedded and real-time systems.

Based on a high level of expertise in that area we port firmware and operating systems to your hardware and write device drivers and other low-level or hardware-related software components. We develop, tailor and install the base software for your embedded systems and provide solutions such as graphical user interfaces, performance optimization, security concepts or tools for automatic software updates. This allows you to put all your resources in the development of your applications. We also provide on-the-job training for engineers who need to ramp up quickly on how to develop software for embedded Linux systems and offer support and maintenance contracts..

Founded in 1999, DENX is one of the first companies that specialized exclusively on employing Free Software embedded and real-time systems. As an owner-managed company we provide a maximum of flexibility with excellent performance.

DENX is a well-known and respected member of the Free Software community. It has always been a key part of our philosophy that GPL based software must remain free software. Being a member of the Linux Foundation is but one way of showing our colours.

DENX has started the development and is one of the major driving forces behind the U-Boot [1] Free Software project which has become the standard boot loader for all kinds of embedded systems.

Our Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK [2]) is based on the Yocto Project and provides a complete and efficient software development environment for embedded and real-time systems.

The SWUpdate software update tool [3] and the tbot automatic test framework [4] are other examples of popular open source projects originating at and driven by DENX.

We actively support and contribute to the Xenomai RTOS Emulation and Real-Time Framework [5]. With Xenomai we can offer reliable and efficient solutions for hard real-time requirements under Linux.

DENX has an excellent reputation in the market, resulting from a large number of successful projects with customers not only in Europe, but from Norway to Australia, and from the U.S.A. to Japan.