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Old News items from 2002

ELDK Release 2.0 now available

Sat Nov 2 12:42:26 MET 2002

DENX has released a new version of the free Embedded Linux Development Kit (Release 2.0).

ELDK 2.0 features new versions of many tools (gcc-2.95.4, binutils-, glibc-2.2.5) and many new packages, including embedded web servers, the PCMCIA CardServices package and support for Wireless LAN cards.

ELDK 2.0 is available immediately on the FTP Server and on CDROM. For details please see the ELDK documentation.

DENX Linux for ARM Systems

Thu Sep 12 01:22:17 MEST 2002

DENX provides a new linuxarm module on our CVS Server which contains the Linux kernel source tree for ARM processors.

The current version contains for example a configuration of the 2.4.18-rmk7 Linux kernel for SMDK2400 Samsung MCU Development Kits.

Source Code: DENX CVS server, module "linuxarm"

Rubini OCAN Device Driver for MPC8xx Systems

Sun Sep 08 17:09:46 MEST 2002

DENX provides a port of the Rubini OCAN Linux driver (see for the TQM8xxL modules. Please see the README.TQM8xxL file included with the source tarball.

Source Code: FTP download here