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DENX's U-Boot web The U-Boot web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2014 by DENX Software Engineering DENX Webmaster [] DENX Webmaster [] DENX TWiki.U-Boot UbootStat_2014_04 U-Boot 2014.04 Release Statistics (Changes since v2014.01) Processed 769 csets from 109 developers 19 employers found A total of 66836 lines added, 112896 removed ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2014-04-15T11:00Z WolfgangDenk 1.1 updated major ReleaseCycle U-Boot Release Cycle The U-Boot projects attempts to maintain a fixed, predictable Release Cycle as follows: We will have U-Boot releases at a fixed release interval ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2014-04-15T10:47Z WolfgangDenk 1.110 updated major WebStatistics Statistics for U-Boot Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Apr 2014 28828 6 0 ... (last changed by guest) 2014-04-14T14:15Z guest 1.1479 updated major Custodians U-Boot Custodians: Custodian: one that guards and protects or maintains (see Merriam-Webster) TABLE{ headeralign "left, left, left, left" cellpadding "4" databg ... (last changed by AlexeyBrodkin) 2014-04-07T19:40Z AlexeyBrodkin 1.86 updated major TooBigPatches Too big patches Despite all efforts to keep patches small and easy to review, every now and then there are legitimate reasons for patches that exceed the size limit ... (last changed by SergeiPoselenov) 2014-03-01T09:38Z SergeiPoselenov 1.21 updated major UbootStat_2014_01 U-Boot 2014.01 Release Statistics (Changes since v2013.10) Processed 980 csets from 153 developers 27 employers found A total of 68855 lines added, 50005 removed ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2014-01-21T10:25Z WolfgangDenk 1.1 updated major MiniSummitELCE2014 ELCE2014 U-Boot Mini Summit Date and Location Date and time not yet finalized. See the main ELCE pages for more info. Call for papers Deadline for submitting talk ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2014-01-13T17:04Z DetlevZundel 1.1 updated major WebHome Das U-Boot the Universal Boot Loader Welcome to the Wiki area for cooperating on U-Boot development. T Note: Documentation on how to use U-Boot belongs into the ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2014-01-13T16:58Z DetlevZundel 1.25 updated major Documentation U-Boot Documentation Manual Frequently Asked Questions with answers! Design Principles Design requirements and common execution flow (Known) GCC Bugs and Issues ... (last changed by JaganTeki) 2013-11-19T14:05Z JaganTeki 1.11 updated major OpenSourceIndia2013 Open Source India 2013 Date and Location 13th November 2013 "Hall 3, 15:30-16:15", NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru, India Topic Technical talk on "U-boot Multi ... (last changed by DetlevZundel) 2013-11-19T12:26Z DetlevZundel 1.6 updated major MiniSummitELCE2013 ELCE2013 U-Boot Mini Summit Date and Location Thursday, October 24 2013, Edinburgh, Room "Harris 1", 13:00-17:00 Agenda Time Speaker Summary Detlev Zundel Teaser ... (last changed by JaganTeki) 2013-11-18T06:54Z JaganTeki 1.18 updated major UbootStat_2013_10 U-Boot 2013.10 Release Statistics (Changes since v2013.07) Processed 710 csets from 134 developers 25 employers found A total of 55489 lines added, 119445 removed ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2013-10-16T20:46Z WolfgangDenk 1.1 updated major UbootStat_2013_07 U-Boot 2013.07 Release Statistics (Changes since v2013.04) Processed 948 csets from 161 developers 27 employers found A total of 68587 lines added, 37600 removed ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2013-10-16T20:43Z WolfgangDenk 1.2 updated major DesignPrinciples U-Boot Design Principles The 10 Golden Rules of U-Boot design: TOC #KeepSmall 1. Keep it Small U-Boot is a Boot Loader, i.e. its primary purpose in the shipping system ... (last changed by MarioGoulart) 2013-09-30T14:00Z MarioGoulart 1.15 updated major Patches Patches and Feature Requests TOC Before you begin to implement any new ideas or concepts it is always a good idea to present your plans on the u-boot mailing list ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2013-07-25T13:43Z WolfgangDenk 1.41 updated major Licensing Licensing U-Boot is Free Software. It is copyrighted by Wolfgang Denk and many others who contributed code (see the actual source code and the git commit messages ... (last changed by WolfgangDenk) 2013-07-25T13:30Z WolfgangDenk 1.1 updated major