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Patch Status For Particular Architectures


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Mail Subject up Posted Status Comments
Removes all board specific code from the arch. part for DM644x (DaVinci) boards 2008-03-25 P  
Remove 64 bits division into nand driver to compile with an EABI toolchain 2007-07-06 D Not a problem with ELDK
Davinci: Fix DM644x timer overflow handling and cleanup 2008-03-26 P  
Adds support for the Prodrive PMDRA board, based on a DM644x 2008-03-25 P  
Added support for flash 28F256L30B 2007-05-25 D Patch to come from ARM - all ARM supplied development boards to use CFI flash
[PATCH][ARM] Create mach-types for various at91 boards 2007-03-27 D The U-Boot file should be replaced with the latest kernel file, generated when an arm kernel is built, rather than adding new entries to the U-Boot file
[PATCH][ARM] Add PIO control for at91rm9200dk LEDs and Mux 2007-03-27 D Uses last command bit for a board specific command
[PATCH] Support for csb535fs / i.MX21 LiteKit. 2007-02-27 C New patch submitted
[PATCH] Remove warning: target CPU does not support interworking in ARMv6 2007-03-15 D Toolchain specific, not applicable to ELDK toolchain
[PATCH] New ARM 1176 CPU and board for Energizer SoC 2007-03-09 R New patch using SOC structure welcome
[PATCH] Add SZ_32K to lists of sizes for the ARM platfom 2007-03-02 D No - all these macros are deprecated
[PATCH] (ARM-specific) Allow use of arm-linux-gcc built with NWFPE emulation to compile U-Boot 2007-03-26 D -msoft-float to be applied thoughought ARM
[PATCH v2 0/7] Respin of Sascha Hauer's i.MX31 support plus MX31ADS 2008-03-26 P 7 patches [4/7] SMSC LAN9x1x driver assumes 32 bit registers
[patch 00/10] i.MX31 support for U-Boot 2007-03-15 C New patch submitted

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