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4.13.1. Building and installing Xenomai Building and installing using the ELDK tree

cd /opt/eldk-4.1/ppc_4xxFP/usr/src/linux-
make mrproper
make ARCH=ppc sequoia_defconfig

configure additional options from "Real-time subsystem" toplevel menu:

make ARCH=ppc menuconfig

and then run make:

make ARCH=ppc uImage

the resulting uImage is a xenomai / adeos enable kernel Building and installing from scratch

$ scripts/ --linux=<linux-srctree> [--adeos=<adeos-patch>] [--arch=<target-arch>]


../../git/xenomai/scripts/  --linux=. --arch=i386 --adeos=../adeos-ipipe-2.6.23-i386-1.10-10.patch Running the cyclictest:

Options are:

cyclictest -t 3 -p 80 -i 1000 -l 10000
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