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4.6.1. The powerful U-Boot command line interface

DULG chapter


serial# MAC adress
52192 ethaddr 00:10:ec:00:cb:e0
eth1addr 00:10:ec:80:cb:e0
50453 ethaddr 00:10:ec:00:c5:15
eth1addr 00:10:ec:80:c5:15
52173 ethaddr 00:10:ec:00:cb:cd
eth1addr 00:10:ec:80:cb:cd


serial# MAC adress
082KLM2028Z ethaddr 00:06:4B:10:20:72
eth1addr 00:06:4B:10:20:73
082KLM2064Z ethaddr 00:06:4B:10:20:8c
eth1addr 00:06:4B:10:20:8d
082KLM2027Z ethaddr 00:06:4B:10:20:82
eth1addr 00:06:4B:10:20:83
082KLM2045Z ethaddr 00:06:4B:10:20:9a
eth1addr 00:06:4B:10:20:9b

4.6. U-Boot and Linux 1. Denx Training Topics 4.6.2. An Introduction to git
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