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  1. General Introduction
  2. Host Linux Setup
  3. Using the BDM/JTAG Debugger, BDI2000, Part 1
  4. Connecting to target for the first time
  5. DENX Embedded Linux Development Kit ELDK <2>
  6. Building U-Boot and the Linux kernel for the first time
  7. Booting Embedded Linux on the target <6>
  8. The powerful U-Boot command line interface <4.10>
  9. Build, configuration of the Linux kernel, more details <5>
  10. SELF, Simple Embedded Linux Framework (RAMdisk)
    • Old SELF vs. new SELF from ELDK
    • Build RAMdisk based root filesystem (from SRPM)
    • SELF Re-Use
  11. Using FLASH filesystems <7.1>, <7.2>
    • JFFS, JFFS2, CramFS
    • MTD Tools
    • Configure and install a JFFS2 filesystem
    • JFFS2 performance considerations
  12. Compact Flash Card Support, PCMCIA, Hotplug, IDE <7.3>
    • Kernel support (IDE) vs. PCMCIA Card Services
    • PCMCIA card services in the ELDK
    • Using the CF card via kernel support
    • Using the CF card via PCMCIA Card Service
    • Partitioning, file systems (ext2, vfat, etc.)
  13. Installing and using Embedded WEB Servers
    • thttpd, tiny/turbo/throttling web server
    • Boa web server
  14. Customizing U-Boot <4>
  15. General Debugging Techniques <8>
  16. RTAI, the Real Time Application Interface
  17. Other advanced topics
    • Building and debugging a kernel module
    • Updating/changing the firmware of the BDI 2000
  18. Tools, Scripts, Tipps and Tricks
  19. Books, Mailing Lists, Links, etc.