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Css elements in PatternSkin

This page is a reference for all CSS classes used in PatternSkin.

Page contents:

The PatternSkin stylesheet is divided in two files:

If you want to learn how to create your own look or skin based on PatternSkin, read further in PatternSkin.

Naming conventions

PatternSkin follows the naming conventions used in TWiki core code: all TWiki class names have the prefix twiki: twikiEditPage, twikiTopicAction, etcetera. ID names are not used, only class names, to allow multipe class names. See also: TWikiCss.


PatternSkin uses namespaces for templates, by adding one (sometimes two - multiple) class names to the template's body tag.

body class names

Layout classes

Style classes

CSS tags emitted from TWiki core code

See: TWikiCss

Layout per template

View template

CSS layout in View template

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