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2. Resources

The most relevant net resources are:

2.1. Home Page

Introductory stuff.

2.2. FTP site

The MontaVistaFTP site is a good starting point.

2.3. Mailing List

The archive contains indispensable wisdom answering most of your questions before you knew you needed to ask them. Browse it heavily.

In particular, look for any articles by the individual gurus mentioned in section 1.3. Credits. Unfortunately you can't search the archives by line to do this yet.

You are encouraged to subscribe by visiting

However, please search the archives before asking questions.

Instructions like "Search for ..." in this document refer directly to the search engine at the mailing list archives for the specified keyword. Follow the keyword link to perform the search.

2.4. Home of the linux/ppc port

2.5. PowerPC Programming

The ABI and EABI documentation describing register usage and C linkage conventions are available at:

There is lots of invaluable information about optimisations for the PowerPC architecture in the IBM PowerPC Compiler Writer's Guide at:

2.6. Usenet Groups
PowerPC technical discussion
General discussion of all flavours of embedded Linux
General embedded system discussion

2.7. Other Useful Resources

Leif Lindholm's in-depth report on porting Linux 2.2 to a custom MPC860 platform:

Matt Porter's Linux page:

LinuxPPC? Solutions offered by DENX Software Engineering:

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