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3.1. CPU

3.1.1. 4xx

3.1.2. IBM 405GP

3.1.3. 7xx

These devices are all covered in the MontaVista? kernel.

3.1.4. Motorola 8xx

Information from Motorola is fragmented, because the 850/860 and 823 are handled by different groups. Information about the bits they have in common is generally equally applicable to both, so it's worth perusing the 823 resources even if you're using an 850/860.

These devices are all covered in the MontaVistakernel. 823 850/855/860

3.1.5. 603e

3.1.6. Motorola 82xx 8240 8260

3.1.7. AltiVec?

AltiVec? is Motorola's answer to Intel's MMX. See

3. Target Hardware 1. Introduction 3.2. RAM and ROM space
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