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Brainstorming for a Version Control System for use with the Linux Kernel, U-Boot etc.


importing the U-Boot CVS repository using the cvs_import command is slow (32 minutes)
initial import of U-Boot source tree using tailor fails
initial import of Linux kernel tree using monotone cvs_import fails (monotone bug)


Quote: "Darcs is not intended to maintain a history of versions, although it is possible to kludge together such a revision history, either by making each new patch dependent on all previous patches, or by tagging regularly."
This might result in QA issues, especially when some sort of certification is needed.
[Zachary P. Landau, 26 May 2005]:
excellent for cherry picking merges
[Zachary P. Landau, 26 May 2005]:
speed issues ... especially the case with large trees (like the Linux kernel)
Some Tests using the linuxppc_2_4_devel source tree:
-> time darcs whatsnew
No changes!

real    2m55.819s
user    0m1.820s
sys     0m2.676s
cvs2darcs does not work - importing the U-Boot CVS repository results in an empty Darcs repository; not really critical as importing the CVS tree using tailor works just fine and pretty fast (1 minute 12 seconds)
written in Haskell; non-trivial to build completely from sources only; no local know-how in case of problems or if extensions needed/wanted

-- WolfgangDenk - 30 May 2005