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8. Documentation, Links

ELDK 5.x

* [EL1] ELDK 5.1 Documentation:

Yocto Project

* [YP1] The Yocto Project Reference Manual: * [YP2] The Yocto Project Development Manual: * [YP3] Yocto Project Quick Start: * [YP4] The Yocto Project Kernel Architecture and Use Manual: * [YP5] The Yocto Project Application Development Toolkit (ADT) User's Guide: * [YP6] Working Within Eclipse (ADT Section 4): * [YP7] The Yocto Project Development Manual: * [YP8] The Yocto Wiki: * [YP9] HOB - graphical user interface for BitBake * [YP10] An Introduction to the Yocto Project 1.1 Release Hob (Training video): * [YP11] Yocto Eclipse Plug-in Release 1.1 (Training video): * [YP12] Getting Started with the Yocto Project - New Developer Screencast Tutorial (Training video):


* [OE1] Free Electrons: OpenEmbedded
( * [OE2] Open Source Software: OpenEmbedded & BitBake


* [PK1] Poky Handbook: * [PK2] Poky Linux & OpenEmbedded based environment


* [BB] BitBake User's Manual:


* Project Jalimo: OpenEmbedded based, full featured free Java-like stack for mobile Linux-based devices , * Jalimo Slides FOSDEM 2008 * Jalimo Slides Linuxtag 2008 * Integrating the OpenJDK into jalimo * Maven-Packaging-Plugin wiki * Taurent Solutions: OE, Jalimo, ...
7. ELDK 5.x Documentation 1. ELDK and the Yocto Project
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