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2. Git Repository Setup

All ELDK related code can be found in a git repository at git:// resp. .

ELDK releases closely follow the Yocto releases, such that ELDK release "x.y" corresponds to Yocto release "z.y", with "x" = "y + 4", i. e. ELDK v5.2 corresponds to Yocto v1.2.

In general, there are the following branches in this repository:

That means the "eldk-rel-vx.y" branch is always used to actually build the code, but any new commits get added to one of the "x.y-*" branches and only then merged into the "eldk-rel-vx.y" branch.

Branches for ELDK release v5.2

This release is based on Yocto 1.2 ("denzil-7.0" release tag).

The ELDK V5.2 release is labeled as "eldk-5.2" (commit id 3dfe6e5 ).

Branches for ELDK release v5.1

This release is based on Yocto 1.1 ("edison-6.0" release tag).

The ELDK V5.1 release is labeled as "eldk-5.1".

The ELDK V5.1.1 release (which added support for the new target architectures armv4t, powerpc-4xx and powerpc-4xx-softfloat) is labeled as "eldk-5.1.1".

The ELDK V5.1.2 release (which added support for the new target architecture powerpc-e500v2) is labeled as "eldk-5.1.2".


In preparation for ELDK release 5.2, the ELDK v5.1 code was reorganized and cleaned up - related patches were squashed and restructured as follows:

Step 1:
Squash commits into more logical groups like adding the ELDK meta-layer, then adding the build and install tools, then support for the separate target architectures, and finally add support for board specific configurations.

Some commits were moved to the "backports" resp. "denx" branches with the intention that the "eldk" branch should add and modify data in the "meta-eldk/" directory only (some exceptions that cannot be fixed without changing the code remain unfixed here).

Some missing files ("meta-eldk/tools/installer/targets/*/target.conf" for armv4t, armv6, mips, powerpc-4xx, powerpc-4xx-softfloat and powerpc-e500v2) were added, but otherwise the only difference of the resulting code compared to the ELDK v5.1.2 release is the sequence of patches in meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/ .

Resulting branches:
  • 5.1-backports-reorg
  • 5.1-denx-reorg
  • 5.1-eldk-reorg-1
  • eldk-rel-v5.1-reorg-1 (= merge of '5.1-eldk-reorg-1', '5.1-denx-reorg' and '5.1-backports-reorg')
Step 2:
The "eldk" branch still contains some references to files in "meta/":
Commit 6cde70d  meta/conf/machine/include/
Commit 46c655b  meta/conf/machine/include/
Commit 108bd51  meta/conf/machine/include/
We can avoid the changes to meta/conf/machine/include/ and move the other files to "meta-eldk/".

Resulting branches:
  • 5.1-backports-reorg (unchanged)
  • 5.1-denx-reorg (unchanged)
  • 5.1-eldk-reorg-2
  • eldk-rel-v5.1-reorg-2 (= merge of '5.1-eldk-reorg-2', '5.1-denx-reorg' and '5.1-backports-reorg')

Branches for ELDK release v5.0

This release is based on Yocto 1.0 ("bernard-5.0" release tag).

The ELDK V5.0 release is labeled as "eldk-5.0".

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