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=> help nand
nand info         - show available NAND devices
nand device [dev]     - show or set current device
nand read[.jffs2]     - addr off|partition size
nand write[.jffs2]    - addr off|partition size - read/write `size' bytes starting
    at offset `off' to/from memory address `addr'
nand erase [clean] [off size] - erase `size' bytes from
    offset `off' (entire device if not specified)
nand bad - show bad blocks
nand dump[.oob] off - dump page
nand scrub - really clean NAND erasing bad blocks (UNSAFE)
nand markbad off - mark bad block at offset (UNSAFE)
nand biterr off - make a bit error at offset (UNSAFE)
nand lock [tight] [status] - bring nand to lock state or display locked pages
nand unlock [offset] [size] - unlock section