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=> help fdt
fdt addr   <addr> [<length>]       - Set the fdt location to <addr>
fdt boardsetup             - Do board-specific set up
fdt move   <fdt> <newaddr> <length> - Copy the fdt to <addr> and make it active
fdt print  <path> [<prop>]       - Recursive print starting at <path>
fdt list   <path> [<prop>]       - Print one level starting at <path>
fdt set      <path> <prop> [<val>]    - Set <property> [to <val>]
fdt mknode <path> <node>       - Create a new node after <path>
fdt rm      <path> [<prop>]       - Delete the node or <property>
fdt header             - Display header info
fdt bootcpu <id>          - Set boot cpuid
fdt memory <addr> <size>       - Add/Update memory node
fdt rsvmem print          - Show current mem reserves
fdt rsvmem add <addr> <size>       - Add a mem reserve
fdt rsvmem delete <index>       - Delete a mem reserves
fdt chosen - Add/update the /chosen branch in the tree
NOTE: If the path or property you are setting/printing has a '#' character
     or spaces, you MUST escape it with a \ character or quote it with ".