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5.8. The First Power-On

HELP Note: If you bought your canyonlands board with U-Boot already installed you can skip this section since the manufacturer probably has already performed these steps.

Connect the port labeled UART1 on your canyonlands board to the designated serial port of your host, start the terminal program, and connect the power supply of your canyonlands board. You should see messages like this:

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootBoot? does not exist yet

You can interrupt the "Count-Down" by pressing any key. If you don't you will probably see some (harmless) error messages because the system has not been initialized yet.

At first you have to enter the serial number and the ethernet address of your board. Pay special attention here since these parameters are write protected and cannot be changed once saved (usually this is done by the manufacturer of the board). To enter the data you have to use the U-Boot command setenv, followed by the variable name and the data, all separated by white space (blank and/or TAB characters). Use the variable name serial# for the board ID and/or serial number, and ethaddr for the ethernet address, for instance:

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootSetSerial? does not exist yet

Use the printenv command to verify that you have entered the correct values:

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootPrintenvBoardID? does not exist yet

Please double-check if the printed values are OK! You will not be able to correct any errors later! If there is something wrong, please reset the board and restart from the beginning; otherwise you can store the parameters permanently using the saveenv command:

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootSaveenv? does not exist yet

5.7. Initial Steps 1. Abstract 5.9. U-Boot Command Line Interface
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