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5.9. U-Boot Command Line Interface

The following section describes the most important commands available in U-Boot. Please note that U-Boot is highly configurable, so not all of these commands may be available in the configuration of U-Boot installed on your hardware, or additional commands may exist. You can use the help command to print a list of all available commands for your configuration.

For most commands, you do not need to type in the full command name; instead it is sufficient to type a few characters. For instance, help can generally be abbreviated as he.

ALERT! The behaviour of some commands depends on the configuration of U-Boot and on the definition of some variables in your U-Boot environment.

ALERT! Almost all U-Boot commands expect numbers to be entered in hexadecimal input format. (Exception: for historical reasons, the sleep command takes its argument in decimal input format.)

ALERT! Be careful not to use edit keys besides 'Backspace', as hidden characters in things like environment variables can be very difficult to find.

5.8. The First Power-On 1. Abstract 5.9.1. Information Commands
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