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5.9.8. Special Commands i2c - I2C sub-system

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootI2cHelp? does not exist yet ide - IDE sub-system

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootIdeHelp? does not exist yet diskboot- boot from IDE device

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootDiskbootHelp? does not exist yet doc - Disk-On-Chip sub-system

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On systems that support Disk-On-Chip flash disks, the doc command allows you to access these devices from U-Boot. As shown by the help message, the command implements a set of sub-commands that can be used to print information and to perform I/O with these flash disks. docboot - boot from DOC device

Note: Included topic DULGData.canyonlandsUBootDocbootHelp? does not exist yet

The docboot command (short: docb) can be used to load an image (for instance Linux kernel) from a Disk-On-Chip flash disk. If the autostart environment variable is set to "yes", the image will be automatically started.

5.9.7. Flattened Device Tree support 1. Abstract 5.9.9. Storage devices
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