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5.9.1. Information Commands bdinfo - print Board Info structure

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The bdinfo command (short: bdi) prints the information that U-Boot passes about the board such as memory addresses and sizes, clock frequencies, MAC address, etc. This information is mainly needed to be passed to the Linux kernel.

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The coninfo command (short: conin) displays information about the available console I/O devices.

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The output contains the device name, flags, and the current usage. For example, the output

serial   80000003 SIO stdin stdout stderr

means that the serial device is a system device (flag 'S') which provides input (flag 'I') and output (flag 'O') functionality and is currently assigned to the 3 standard I/O streams stdin, stdout and stderr. flinfo - print FLASH memory information

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The command flinfo (short: fli) can be used to get information about the available flash memory (see Flash Memory Commands below).

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iminfo (short: imi) is used to print the header information for images like Linux kernels or ramdisks. It prints (among other information) the image name, type and size and verifies that the CRC32 checksums stored within the image are OK.

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HELP Like with many other commands, the exact operation of this command can be controlled by the settings of some U-Boot environment variables (here: the verify variable). See below for details. help - print online help

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The help command (short: h or ?) prints online help. Without any arguments, it prints a list of all U-Boot commands that are available in your configuration of U-Boot. You can get detailed information for a specific command by typing its name as argument to the help command:

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5.9. U-Boot Command Line Interface 1. Abstract 5.9.2. Memory Commands
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