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14.2.21. Linux hangs after uncompressing the kernel

I am using U-Boot with a Linux kernel version Y (Y < 2.4.5-pre5), but the last message I see is
Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
Then the system hangs.

Most probably you pass bad parameters to the Linux kernel.
There are several possible reasons:

Here some possible reasons for older Linux kernel versions:

=> setenv clocks_in_mhz 1
=> saveenv
For recent kernel the "clocks_in_mhz" variable must not be set. If it is present in your environment, you can delete it as follows:
=> setenv clocks_in_mhz
=> saveenv
ALERT! A common error is to try "setenv clocks_in_mhz 0" or to some other value - this will not work, as the value of the variable is not important at all. It is the existence of the variable that will be checked.

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