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14.1.7. ELDK Include Files Missing

After configuring and compiling a Linux kernel in the kernel source tree that comes with the ELDK, I cannot compile user space programs any more - I get error messages because many #include file like <errno.h> etc. are missing.
This is with ELDK 4.x.
This problem is caused by the way how the ELDK is packaged. At the moment, the ELDK kernel headers are not packed into a separate "kernel-headers" RPM to avoid duplication, because the kernel source tree is always installed. Instead, the ELDK "kernel-headers" package is just a set of symlinks. This worked fine in the past, but fails with the new support for ARCH=powerpc systems.
The next version of the ELDK will contain a real kernel-headers RPM, which will fix this problem.
As a workaround on current systems, you can install the real kernel include files into the "include/asm", "include/linux" and "include/mtd" directories.
To do this, the following commands can be used:
bash$ <eldkroot>/bin/rpm -e kernel-headers-ppc_<target>
bash$ cd <eldkroot>/ppc_<target>
bash$ rm usr/include/asm
bash$ tar -xvzf kernel-headers-powerpc.tar.gz
The tarball mentioned above can be downloaded here. It contains the include files that get installed by running the "make ARCH=powerpc headers_install" command in the Linux kernel tree.
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