14.1.9. GDB Problems with BDI2000/BDI3000 on e500 Cores

I am using the cross-gdb from ELDK together with the BDI JTAG hardware debugger from Abatron to debug my e500 based system. When I try to attach to the BDI from within gdb, I get an error message like this:
$ ppc_85xxDP-gdb u-boot


(gdb) target remote bdi14:2001
Remote debugging using bdi14:2001
Remote 'g' packet reply is too long:

If you are using at least BDI firmware v1.09 then most probably you forgot to include the following directive in the BDI config file:
REGLIST     E500        ;send registers in E500 sequence to GDB
Also be sure that the gdb really thinks that it debugs an e500 core:
(gdb) show architecture 
The target architecture is set automatically (currently powerpc:e500)
If this is not the case, then fix this problem first. It might just be that you are not using the right cross debugger in the first place.

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