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14.3.20. Adding Files to Ramdisk is Non Persistent

I want to add some files to my ramdisk, but every time I reboot I lose all my changes. What can I do?

To add your files or modifications permanently, you have to rebuild the ramdisk image. You may check out the sources of our SELF package (Simple Embedded Linux Framework) to see how this can be done, see for example or check out the sources for ELDK (module eldk_build from our CVS server, see

See also section 14.4.1. How to Add Files to a SELF Ramdisk for another way to change the ramdisk image.

For further hints about the creation and use of initial ramdisk images see also the file Documentation/initrd.txt in your Linux kernel source directory.
14.3.19. Combining a Kernel and a Ramdisk into a Multi-File Image 1. Abstract 14.3.21. Kernel Configuration for PCMCIA
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