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Installing Fedora Core 7 Linux on AMCC PPC 440EPx "Sequoia" Board


This Application Note describes how to install the Fedora Core 7 Linux distribution on the AMCC PPC 440EPx "Sequoia" Board. Note: this guide will also work on other Power Architecture« systems which are based on a 32 bit CPU with a full Floating Point Unit (FPU), like the AMCC PPC 440EP ("Yosemite" board), Freescale MPC5200 ("Lite5200B" etc.), Freescale MPC82xx, etc. Note that a 2.6 kernel is required.

Supported Target Environments

The installation of Fedora Core 7 requires a storage device. Depending on available hardware and/or project requirements you may want to use ATA, S-ATA or SCSI harddisk drives; alternatively, a pure NFS network server based installation may be used.

Installation Requirements

In addition to the AMCC PPC 440EPx "Sequoia" evaluation board you need the following hardware and software components:



-- WolfgangDenk - 19 Mar 2007