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Topic AN2004_06_CoralPInstallation not in WebOrder Installing a Coral-P PCI Evaluation Board

The following table lists the jumpers settings that we used during our tests of the Linux X11 graphics drivers (including streaming video support):

Jumper on Rev. 4.0 Board down on Rev. 5.0 Board
J251 (not available) closed
JP1 1-2 1-2
JP2 1-2 1-2
JP3 1-2 1-2
JP150 1-2 1-2
JP250 1-2 1-2
JP251 1-2 1-2
JP252 1-2 1-2
JP550 1-2 open
J151 1-2 (int A#)
1-2 (int A#)
JP4 2-3 2-3
JP253 2-3 1-2
JP254 2-3 1-2
JP300 2-3 2-3
J51 all open all open
J52 closed closed
J53 closed closed
J100 closed closed
J102 closed closed
J103 closed closed
J152 closed closed
J153 closed closed
J250 closed closed
J501 closed closed
J101 open open
J104 open open
J201 open open
J202 open open
J203 open open
J204 open open
J205 open open
J206 open open
J300 open open
J301 open open
J500 open open

Jumper settings on Coral-P Rev. 4.0:


Jumper settings on Coral-P Rev. 5.0:


Attachment sort Action Size Date Who Comment
Coral-P-Rev-4.0.jpg manage 318.2 K 25 Jun 2004 - 14:36 WolfgangDenk Jumper settings on Coral-P Rev. 4.0
Coral-P-Rev-5.0.jpg manage 330.5 K 25 Jun 2004 - 14:37 WolfgangDenk Jumper settings on Coral-P Rev. 5.0