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U-Boot Pmic drivers (Updated 15-Dec-14)

U-Boot provides a framework for pmic drivers. Details can be found in: doc/README.power-framework

Since the driver-model is used, and boards/subsystems are moving to it, there is a need for update the PMIC framework.

The implementation

The implementation assumptions:

The work status

December 2014

Resume the work on pmic framework after some break. Now the I2C and SPI subsystems provides support for the driver-model, so the background is done.

October 2014

The first version of new PMIC Framework was send to list. Is available also on git-hub. And the conception was presented during the talk on U-Boot mini summit Düsseldorf 2014(ELCE 2014). The presentation can be found here.

This site will be updated after sending the next patchset.

-- PrzemyslawMarczak - 15 Dec 2014